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I have loaded spectral data, but the buttons are still grayed out?

This is not a bug! It is important to understand that the mat2dcos toolbox was originally developed for heterospectral 2D correlation analysis (2D-COS). This means that spectral series from two different modalities are analyzed. For example, if IR and Raman data are to be analyzed by heterospectral 2D-COS, two different spectral series must be loaded into the toolbox. For the probably more common case of autocorrelation 2D-COS, this means that the data set to be analyzed has to be loaded twice, once as x- and a second time as y-data set. Only then will the buttons be available for analysis.

Links to other non-commercial 2D-COS software solutions

  • 2dshige, free software for two-dimensional correlation analysis developed by Prof. Shigeaki Morita (Osaka Electro-Communication University).
  • MIDAS 2010, Matlab-based software tools developed in the Canadian Light Source for 2D spectroscopic analysis and data exploration of time resolved infrared spectra
  • corr2D (R), - Implementation of two-dimensional correlation analysis in R, developed by Robert Geitner.

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