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Two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy (2D-COS), or two-dimensional correlation analysis is known as a set of mathematical techniques useful to study changes in dynamic spectra. Dynamic spectra are often represented by spectra series obtained from a sample that was subjected to an external perturbation.
The 2D-COS analysis technique has been initially developed by Isao Noda in the 1980s.

Relevant Publications

Main concepts of two-dimensional correlation analysis
Basic principles of generalized 2D correlation spectroscopy are outlined in the following series of scientific publications:

Publications in which the mat2dcorr toolbox has been used or mentioned

  1. Lasch, P. and I. Noda 2017
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  2. Lasch, P. and I. Noda 2019
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    Diamond and Related Materials,. 141: p. 110541.


mat2dcorr is an open source software project which has been initiated and is maintained by Peter Lasch at the Proteomics and Spectroscopy unit at the Robert Koch-Institute (Berlin/Germany). The Matlab-based mat2dcorr toolbox is distributed under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license for non-commercial use. Please send references to any publications, presentations, or successful funding applications that make use of the mat2Dcorr toolbox (e-mail).

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