How to obtain the mat2dcorr toolbox

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Download - the latest version of the mat2dcorr toolbox (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license) is available from this website: 
mat2dcorr Toolbox Versions
  1. version 1.00 - Jan 2020
  2. version 1.01 - May 2021 - minor bugfixes:
    • button for starting the calculation greys out after changing pulldown menu selections (type of 2D spectrum, type of reference spectrum, etc.)
    • bug of the Mouse over function of the main window fixed
    • standard size of the main window changed
  3. version 1.02 - May 2021:
    • fixed a critical error reported by Z. Xinchang - wrong treatment of spectra with non-equidistant point spacing (function import data in the Matlab trace format)
  4. version 1.03 - Aug 2021:
    • allows resizing the 2D-COS window (main window), minor bug fixes
  5. version 1.04 - Apr 2023:
    • import data from MS Excel files (*.xlsx)
    • minor bug fixes