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Screenshot of the Excel spreadsheet linescandata.xlsx

With version 1.04 of the mat2dcorr toolbox, besides hyperspectral imaging data in the CytoSpec data format and Matlab trace files, spectra data from MS Excel spreadsheets can now be loaded. MS Excel spreadsheets should contain spectra series in a 2D data format where the spectra must be arranged as columns and the wavenumber vectors as rows. It is also important that the first row contains the vector with the data entries of the perturbing variable (temperature, pressure, etc.). The first column should contain the y-vector (wavenumber, frequencies, Raman shift vector) starting from row no. 2.

In order to use own data by means of the MS Excel import function, it is recommended to analyze the structure of the example file linescandata.xlsx and to replace the spectral data contained therein with own data.

To load MS Excel trace files select Load Data → Excel data format → x-data, or y-data from the Load Data menu bar.

Download test file

Download MS Excel test file linescandata.xlsx: https://wiki2dcos.microbe-ms.com/linescandata.xlsx

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