Matlab Imaging Format

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Imaging data can be considered 3-way data in which the intensity (absorbance, transmittance, reflectance, etc.) depends on two spatial [x,y] variables and one spectral variable, usually represented by the wavelength, wavenumber, or Raman shift.

Matlab structure arrays C (imaging data) and Minfo (metadata) present in imaging data files

To load imaging data in the Matlab data format select Load DataMatlab imaging formatx-data or y-data to load the x-, or y-data from the Load Data menu bar. Matlab imaging data files may contain up to four different types of hyperspectral imaging data cubes: original (unprocessed data), pre-processed, derivative and so-called deconvolution data cubes (the latter 3 types of data must be derived from the original spectral data). For a detailed description of the Matlab imaging data format see [1].

Fields of the Matlab structure array Minfo containing important metadata of hyperspectral imaging data files

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